Welcome to the Large-Scale Data Processing Cloud at

Roosevelt University


The large-scale data processing cloud currently consists of 70 computers broken down into two racks subordinated to a master head-node.

To see a sample of student work created while the cloud was still under development see the student large-scale data projects.

For information regarding:

  1. Projects

  2. Classes

  3. Research

  4. How to submit your own job for processing

using the large-scale data processing cloud, contact Professor Eric G. Berkowitz

To learn more about what can be done with the resources at the center look at some of the resources below - or register for

CST 402 Cloud Computing

  1. Papers on Hadoop and MapReduce

  2. Scaling Social Science with Hadoop

  3. Hadoop for Computational Biology

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A Look at an LSDP Cloud Rack

To see what the data processing cloud might be doing now, 

Click on the graph below:
Click to here view current cloud activityhttp://