Using Eric Berkowitz's Netbeans Console to Run an Interactive Java Console (Terminal) Application

Click here to quickly download the console (eric.jar)  in a zip file

  • To download and use the console follow the instructions below.
  • To Learn more about the console click here or,
  • To obtain the source code click here.

1. Download the file eric.jar from the following link
Download the eric.jar library here

Download the jar as a zip file here
    and save it to your hard drive.

2. * Right-click on the icon for your project in the NetBeans IDE and select 'Properties'
(Make sure the panel on the left is showing the 'Project' pane. The icon for your project
is the coffee-cup icon with your project's name next to it)

The following window should appear:

  * Click on libraries in the tree on the left.

* Then on the right, click on 'Add Jar/Folder'

* Navigate to the location on your hard drive where you saved eric.jar. Then select eric.jar and click on 'Open'
The eric.jar file will appear in the list of compile-time libraries as shown below:

* Click 'OK'

That's it.

In your code add the following line as the first executable lines in your 'main' function

new eric.Console();
new eric.Console(XXX); //where XXX is the size of the scrollback buffer in chars

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for any console application you create.

The code will cause a new FULLY INTERACTIVE console window to pop-up for you program.

Note the following:

Your program will not totally end until you close the console window created for it.

download the SOURCE CODE Here

About Eric Berkowitz's Netbeans Java Console to Run an Interactive Java Console Application
(Java Terminal Application)
NEW Version 3.5 of the Java Console for Netbeans
Image of Eric G. Berkowitz's Java Console
If you hate using Netbeans for java console applications
 if you hate the the way the Netbeans embedded console area works
or if you just want a normal console window for your console applications...

Try this utility.  It creates a separate console outside of the IDE simply by inserting the line new eric.Console() or new eric.Console(XXX)   [XXX=size of scrollback buffer in chars] at the beginning of your program.  in, out and err are automatically redirected to the new console.   No changes to your code are required.

now PC/Mac/Linux Compatible
(see below)

I finally posted the NetBeans projects with the source code for the java console and a short program to test it.  It is quite a bit of sloppy code but it works. 

If you like it please send me a line.

If you do anything to enhance it or even to clean it up, please send me a copy as I do not have time these days to work on it.

Binary (jar file) and instructions are here

Eric's Console Source Code
A short program to test the console