Prof. Eric Berkowitz's Instructions for
Using Command Line Arguments With the Crimson Editor
From the cygwin4tscope Package

I have investigated the crimson editor and the cygwin4tscope environment and came up with this method for running programs with command line arguments directly from the editor.  I am assuming that you are using F10 to run the programs from the Crimson editor.

You need to make the following two changes.
Step 1:
Step 2: (See attached image for the following step)
  1.     In the Crimson Editor Menus select Tools->Preferences...
    1. In the tree on the left, under Tools select User Tools
    2. In the list that now appears at the top right, scroll down to the row that reads: " Run    F10" and highlight it.
    3. Below this will be a set of input rows labeled Menu Text, Command, Argument etc.
    4. Append a single space and $(UserInput)to the end of the text in the row labeled Argument as shown in tha image below.  ( You may also do this by putting the cursor at the end of the current text, adding a space, and then clicking on the small triangle to the right of the box and choosing user input  from the pull-down menu.)
    5. Click OK

Updating Crimson Preferences for Command Line Args

From now on when you run a program with F10 an input box will pop up into which you can type arguments that will be passed to your program or just press enter to pass no arguments.