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Eric Berkowitz

Chair, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

Associate Professor

Roosevelt University

Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

Not just an online library, an Online Librarian.


For information related to the iBrarian project please see the iBrarian Project page.

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Department of Computer Science and

Information Technology

Roosevelt University

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Office Hours (Fall 2013):

(CHI) Monday 10:00-12:15

(CHI) Wednesday 10:00-12:15

(SCH) Tuesday by appt.

Please make an appointment if possbile or confirm via e-mail since meetings and

other obligations may alter this schedule.

Occasionally you have to look at the results of your brilliant theories.

-Gary Kasparov

What we learn from a great teacher cannot be put into a book, because it is in a look, an inflection, a quirk of personality or a tossed-off comment. The greatest human lessons are found in the power of presence.

-David Wolpe

Eric Berkowitz's Student Research

Prof. Eric Berkowitz is currently supervising student research in the following areas. If you would like to join any of our projects please contact me at eberkowi@roosevelt.edu

Eric Berkowitz's Supervised Research:

Published Paper Web Index

Prof. Eric Berkowitz and his students are currently working on a system to create a map of the published academic papers currently available for free download from the web

Reasoning and Communications for Cooperative Agents and Robots

Prof. Eric Berkowitz and his students are currently working on a grounded concept creation that will facilitate communication and matching reasoning processes for cooperative system.


Eric Berkowitz's AI and Parallel Programming Lab


Sun Microsystems Enterprise servers.
Apple workstations.
Several PC style systems.
A private pipe to the Internet.
A private cloud.


CMU lisp




Tomcat JSP/Servlets









pgAdmin III



Ubuntu Server



Eric Berkowitz's Collection of Linux Tools

Distros? I've seen them all. Here are my best suggestions of those we use in the lab and our research:

Ubuntu: Without a doubt, this is the only Linux distribution that really works right out of the box.  Kudos to Canonical. That was then; this is now.  Now there is 'Unity'  and it needs work. Let's hope in the next few releases I can recommend it again.

But now, for a really good, up-to-date linux that deals superbly with all that kde vs. gnome hullaballoo in a no-nonsense, get-some-work-done and have some fun desktop environment I recommend OpenSuse http://opensuse.org  Or for a stable, no-nonsense basic working and surfing environment I recommend going back to a a tried and true staple of the Linux world: Debian http://www.debian.org

Centos: still the quickest path to a GUI based Enterprise Server Linux (based on Redhat Enterprise Server) CentOS
NEW Version 3.5 of the Java Console for Netbeans

Eric Berkowitz's Collection of Tools for Java and Web Programming

Eclipse Historically the best IDE for Java development. Currently surpassed by Netbeans for Web and J2EE development
How Sun's Java documentation cost me hundreds of hours of wasted work -- a warning about hashed sets in Java -- See the explanation and "equals contract" in Chapter 3 of Effective Java by Joshua Bloch
Netbeans a good platform independent IDE for Java C and C++ (POSIX) with built in facilities for Web and J2EE development
  1. New (beta for now) features in version 3.5 of the Java Application Console:

  2. It is now possible to pause and resume the Java Console Application output in the scroll window

  3. It is now possible to terminate the underlying Java Console Application leaving the features of the Java Console active.

  4. The features make it much easier to analyze a error messages and program output at intermediate points of program execution.

For more information on the Java Console Application library click the link below


Eric Berkowitz's Various Projects that May Help Other People

Apple OS X Portable Home Directories with OpenLDAP on a Linux Server (Centos).  Complete working instructions. Portable Home Directories with NFS and OpenLDAP
Apple File Sharing (AFP) using NetAtalk on Centos. NetAtalk on Centos