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Michael Ruth: Academic Geneology


In my own career, I am grateful to my advisor for aiding/propelling my development, as I am sure he is of is. To that end, I undertook the effort to see how far I can go back: I was advised by X, X was advised by Y, and so on. Here is the result of that effort.

Academic Geneology:

Michael Ruth
Ph.D. University of New Orleans

Dissertation title: Automating Regression Test Selection for Web Services

Faculty: Roosevelt University

Was Advised By:

Shengru Tu
Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago

Dissertation title: Theory and Application of Petri Net Reduction for ADA-Tasking Static Analysis

Faculty: University of New Orleans

Was Advised By:

Sol Shatz
Ph.D. Northwestern University

Dissertation Title: The Representation and Synthesis of Design Specifications for Distributed Software Systems

Faculty: University of Illinois at Chicago

Was Advised By:

Stephen S. Yau
Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Faculty: Northwestern University

Was Advised By:

Mac Elwyn Van Valkenburg
Ph. D. Stanford University

Dissertation Title: Polarization and Fading Studies of Meteoric Radio Echoes

Faculty: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Was Advised By:

Oswald Garrison Villard, Jr.
Ph. D. Stanford University

Dissertation Title: A New Technique for Studying Meteors and the Upper Atmosphere

Faculty: Stanford University

Was Advised By:

Frederick E. Terman
Sc.D. M.I.T.

Dissertation Title: Characteristics and Stability of Transmission Systems

Faculty: Stanford University

Highlights: Widely known (with William Shockley) as the father of Silicon Valley
Founding member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Was Advised By:

Vannevar Bush
Ph.D. M.I.T. & Harvard

Dissertation Title: Oscillating-current Circuits: An Extension of the Theory of Generalized Angular Velocities, with Applications to the Coupled Circuit and the Artificial Transmission Line

Faculty: M.I.T.

Highlights: The first presidential science advisor (FDR), Primary organizer of the Manhattan Project, Proposed the Creation of the National Science Foundation

Was Advised By:

Arthur E. Kennelly
Self Taught!

Faculty: M.I.T. & Harvard

Highlights: Apprenticed in Thomas Edison's West Orange lab, Co-created the electric chair


A lot of the information is present in the Mathematics Genealogy Project, while most of the highlight information is attainable through

Special Note: Kennelly through Mac Van Walkenburg & Yau through Tu are both fully available throught the Mathematics Genealogy Project, but there is a gap between the two chains. I looked for a long time for some clue... and I found it here: Reflections on the founding of Northwestern's ECE dept.. And yes, I noticed the name difference: Sik-Sang Yau vs Stephen S. Yau. However, one can correlate the names with the help of his publications list at ASU and a picture of him is available via a IEEE contributors page of IEEE transactions on Computer '68.

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