Evgeny Dantsin

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Professor of Computer Science
Roosevelt University
Web: http://cs.roosevelt.edu/~dantsin/
Email: edantsin@roosevelt.edu
Department of Computer Science
Roosevelt University
430 S. Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60605, USA
Chicago Campus: Gage Building, room 506-B, 312-281-3121
Schaumburg Campus: room 600-I, 847-619-4223


Primary research area: algorithm design and computational complexity with a focus on the complexity of the Boolean satisfiability problem. Selected publications.


Undergraduate and graduate courses on theory of computation, the design and analysis of algorithms, discrete mathematics, databases, information retrieval, analysis of real-world networks. Spring 2015.

Education and Experience

Ph.D. in Mathematics from Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Russia.
M.S. in Mathematics from St. Petersburg State University, Russia.

I joined Department of Computer Science of Roosevelt University in 2001. My previous experience includes work in IT industry and academic positions in:

  • Laboratory of Mathematical Logic, Steklov Institute of Mathematics, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1993-2001;
  • Computing Science Department, Uppsala University, Sweden, 1996-1999;
  • School of Computer Science, The University of Manchester, UK, 1999-2001.